The 5 P’s Of Growing Your Email List

If you don’t have a strategy in place to grow your email database organically, you could be missing out on your next big client. Follow our 5 P’s to build your database of quality prospects who actively request your content. We’ve debunked a few common myths below to give you tools and tactics to build your list!

  1. Permission:
    • Contacts must give permission to be included in your email list. If you are already doing business with them, they likely have given implied permission; but otherwise, be sure to ask before adding to your list.
    • Buying a list, no matter how many times it is scrubbed, is strongly discouraged in email marketing, and most major email providers do not allow this at all.
    • Just meeting a contact at a networking event or trade show is not valid permission to add them to your contact list.
    • To request permission from potential subscribers, you can provide a paper or online registration form.
    • Tip: The next time you exhibit at a conference or expo, try using an iPad or iPhone email registration app, like iCapture, to easily build your list. Adding a raffle to the mix will help gain even more interest!
  1. Promise:
    • A great way to get people excited to join is to provide an instant offer. If they give you their name and email, provide something in return like a free webinar, eBook, ticket to an event, or discount.
    • When they subscribe, it’s important for the offer to be timely. Ideally, they’d receive an instant email with the offer enclosed, rather than waiting a few days (this can be automated so you don’t have to spend any additional time managing the process).

  • When someone subscribes, you create an opportunity to nurture your relationship with them. This relationship starts from the moment they subscribe.
  • Keeping up with communication is key. If you said you are going to email them twice a month, be sure to schedule an email every two weeks.
  • Warning: Taking the summer off from sending out your newsletter could result in people no longer opening your email, or forgetting that they requested it and noting it as spam when you start up again.
  1. Privacy:
    • Be sure to include in writing that you will never share their email and information. This builds trust from the beginning and makes people more comfortable registering for your email.
    • Pay attention to spam warnings – too many spam notices can result in reduced deliverability of your emails (from all providers) and/or your termination from your email provider’s account.
    • Expect that some people will unsubscribe from your list. They may have just moved out of the area, changed jobs, or they may not be the right fit for your content.
    • If you notice that you have received a few spam notices, retrace your steps to discover what the cause may have been.
  1. Proof:
    • If you have many subscribers, drawing attention to that number may give the extra push someone needs to join your list. “Over 10,000 people read our emails each month – join the club!”
    • Having a website that looks professional and credible provides the trust that new subscribers need to register for your mailings.
    • Keeping your blog and social media channels up to date with valuable content will show that you are current and informed about your industry.
  1. Prominence:
    • Ideally, your service providers will have easy-to-use forms and email templates, allowing you the ability to customize a professionally designed email and get up and running in no time at all.
    • Many service providers will have an option for you to add your registration form on your Facebook page, on your website, and in other online channels.
    • You will have an opportunity to collect first name, last name, phone and email and more.
    • Less is sometimes more: asking only for the name and email typically creates a higher conversion rate than asking for too much information – be sure to streamline down to just as much as you need.

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