Designing Your Healthcare Website – Important Factors to Consider

Designing Your Healthcare Website

For the healthcare industry, the design of, and content within, your website could be the deciding factor between a prospective client choosing you for their needs over your competitors.

For health service providers in fields such as prosthetics, plastic surgery, stem cell storage and treatment, spinal health, birth and women’s health, physical and occupational rehabilitation,  addiction treatment, and the thousands of others who operate outside of the traditional model, it is crucial to attract and engage with prospective clients as they conduct research on providers for their needs.

The problem is, many providers offer the same industry jargon in their content, the same generic stock photos, and the same uninspired taglines as most of the other providers in their field.

As a health services provider in a competitive industry, does your website stand out from your competitors? Does it really tell your story to a prospective client the way you would tell it to them in person at their first visit? Is it warm and engaging? Do you gather any information from visitors to help you understand what they’re looking for, and do you provide them exactly what they’re looking for? Most importantly, is it easy for visitors to get exactly what they need from your website?