Attorney Search Engine Strategies

The Questions that will Get you Found

SEO Magnet to Attract Law ClientsIf there’s one thing that search engines reward with higher ranking more than most others, it’s a website page that matches the exact search a person conducts. Attorney Search Engine Strategies who are looking to improve their chances of being found online by a prospective client with a need to fill, there is a very simple way to make this happen: just answer your own questions.

We find that one of the most difficult issues most professionals face when writing for an online audience is speaking the reader’s language. Often, professionals get too caught up in industry jargon and terminology far above the understanding of their readers, and they have a very difficult time connecting to the reader in the place where he/she is at.

One of the best ways to achieve both a level of writing that speaks directly to your reader in the place where they are currently at, as well as prove to search engines that your content MOST CLOSELY matches the queries posed in an online search, is to ask and answer the questions that relate to your target audience.

Here are a few examples:

Title of Post: “My ex is remarrying and moving out of state. What steps do we need to take to make sure our agreements are upheld before he/she moves?”

Title of Post: “My siblings and I will be inheriting a family business soon. Who should we speak to about transitioning the business and making sure we are all covered?”

Title of Post: “Mom may need to go to a nursing home soon. How do we pay for it and protect our family’s home?”

In each of the situations above, the body of the blog post or article would address (in general terms) common next steps and issues associated with each of these questions. While you would not be advising this particular person with their situation; by addressing the questions that are commonly asked by your target audience(s), you will not only position yourself well into the search engine responses to these questions, you will also position yourself as the expert in this practice area to the person reading your article.

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