3 Blog Topic Ideas to Cure Writer's Block

So you have your blog up and running, you’ve identified your keyword and content strategy, and you’re ready to start writing. But where do you start?

Here are some ideas to combat even the worst case of writer’s block, and help you on your way to a developing the content that you can build your online marketing strategy around.

3 Ways to Cure Writer’s Block:

1) Keywords as topics

If you’ve already done your ‘keyword’ homework, then you likely have a long list of phrases and questions that people use to search for your products or services. This list is often the best, and most-overlooked place, to find ideas for great blog topics that answer your clients’ questions.

By focusing on the actual search phrases and questions that your potential customers are searching for, you will multiply the likelihood of those prospects reaching your page in answer to their search. By using the actual question or keyword phrase as the title, and page URL, of the post, you will greatly increase those chances and improve the overall search engine effectiveness of the post.

2) Real-life examples

Oftentimes, the best way to explain your service or product’s value is to share your clients’ stories (with their permission of course). Some of the best blog posts come from telling the stories of clients, and sharing real-world examples. Have you encountered an industry trend? Resolved a common consumer issue? Learned of a situation that other’s may not be aware of? These would all lead to excellent blog posts.

3) Answering questions posted by clients.

The 3rd tip for curing writer’s block in your blogging efforts is to enlist the help of others. Have an active social media community? Simply request that your fans post their questions and concerns about the industry or a particular topic. Allow them to submit their stories, questions, or comments; or post a quick survey on your company’s Facebook page that they can quickly respond to. You may be surprised at how many topics you’ll discover that will not only be great resources for all prospective clients, they will also help you to show your network of friends and followers that you are actively listening, and responding to, their concerns.

Good luck and happy writing!