3 Summer To-Do's for a Successful Fall

The sun is shining in New England, and we’re all daydreaming of sticking our toes in the sand and our noses in aflip flops book. But before you head out early this Friday, here are a few simple things you can start doing now to make sure you don’t fall behind your competitors in September. And since you may be experiencing some downtime in the summer months, you can use that time to get a head start.

1. Work Your Blog

Summer is a great time to work on your blog and start developing an audience. If you haven’t started yet, we suggest importing a Wordpress blog theme into your site. You can either have a designer custom-design the theme or use one of hundreds of great templates available on the site. From there, start importing their plugins to add options for readers to share posts, subscribe, comment, complete forms, request information, and for yourself to incorporate the elements of SEO that will help you get found in organic searches. If you already have a blog, congratulations! Now is the time to review your subscribers, the quality of comments received from posts, the contributions you are making on other blogs your audience is reading, and the competition. Where can you improve? What is working and should be built upon? What is not working and may need to be changed or eliminated?

2. What’s In It for Them?

Ask a few people you trust to review your website. Is it clear to them what benefits they would receive by working with or buying from you? Do they have plenty of opportunities to register for something of value? To contact you or request a demo or consultation? If you can’t answer these questions, it may be time to add some customer-focused value to your website.

3. Rethink The Strategy

You may be receiving renewal notices for advertising campaigns, sponsorships, Yellow Page ads, and similar programs you’ve run in the past. Before you sign that renewal check though, have you determined what value you are getting from these campaigns? What is your actual return-on-investment, in dollars and percent of budget? Many times it is easier to continue running the same campaign year after year without ever sitting down to figure out if it is the best avenue to promote your business. Think creatively – if those dollars aren’t bringing you great sales any longer, it may be time to cut your losses and move on to new opportunities.