Stay True to Your Brand

Starbucks recently launched their first line of instant coffee, labeled ‘Via’. In the tv spot, they show a blind comparison test between their traditional Barista-made coffee and the new instant line. The messaging is: we bet they can’t tell the difference. So is this the new product line that will bring Starbucks out of it’s […]

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The O Factor: Personal Branding

Now more than ever, developing a strong personal brand is crucial to your success in many fields. It will allow you to establish yourself, and your credibility as an industry expert, long before you meet with a new prospect or walk into a meeting. Whether negative, positive, or neutral, your personal brand will create an […]

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Feel the Burn: Part 2

So at this point you’ve read ‘Feel the Burn’ Part 1, and now you’re looking for the meatier sections? Here are a few more reasons why your marketing consultant should behave like a great fitness coach (the ‘Biggest Loser’ kind, not the creepy Richard Simmons type <shudder>. ) Customized Programs At your first consultation with […]

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