The Best Online Marketing Tool. It's Less Than $3!

Best Online Marketing Tool Under $3You don’t have to spend hours searching for ‘best online marketing tools’ to know that there are hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of tools rangimg from software to promotional products and display materials that will claim to help you multiply your sales and reduce your costs. While many of these claims are legitimate, and there are thousands of tools that can help you improve your bottom line when used correctly; there is one that stands above most others but is probably the most-overlooked of all. In fact, you probably have a pile of them sitting near your desk, just waiting to be noticed.

Are you ready to be wowed?

The product that can help you multiply your leads, create the compelling and original content that will drive new customers to your door and keep past customers returning for more, perfect your strategy, put your ideas into action, and vastly improve your Inbound Marketing performance is…….. {drumroll please}…… a pack of small notepads. Or the notepad app in your phone or tablet.

No, we’re not kidding, and you shouldn’t hit your browser’s back button just yet! Of course this is a simple answer, and that’s why it’s so often overlooked. One of the most often-heard concerns from our clients is that they don’t have enough ideas for creating the content that will improve their website traffic and online marketing performance. They don’t have time to create new content. They are not natural-born writers. They don’t have new, unique, and compelling answers to the questions their clients ask. And on and on and on. These are legitimate concerns, with a simple and easy answer.

Keeping a small notepad EVERYWHERE (next to your bed, in the kitchen, near the TV, at your desk of course, in the car, even in the restroom – we won’t tell!) will ensure that when those random ideas and thoughts pop into your head that would make for excellent blog posts, articles, even full-scale guides and eBooks; you will have an easy way to jot them down. You’ll be shocked at the random times your most brilliant ideas come to you (admittedly, some of my best ideas have come to me while showering, as it’s one of the few quiet times in my day). And the next time you sit down at your computer to bang out a blog post or article, you’ll have a pile of ideas to work from.

Try it for one month, and if you’re not satisfied…… well, a pack of notepads costs less than $3, so there really is no excuse, is there?