PPC Lead Generation

PPC Search Engine Advertising Campaign for Lead Generation

For this lead generation project, we were tasked with increasing the number of qualified leads to a client’s website from their target markets, while maintaining the same monthly budget for the campaign. The Adwords (pay-per-click search engine advertising on Google) campaign that we started with was delivering a moderate level of leads in each month, as recorded by customer representatives in their initial phone conversations with new prospects.

Upon beginning our campaign management, we made the following changes and updates:

  1. We created a landing page for the search engine advertising campaign and sent all advertising clicks to this page (see example below). Originally, all clicks were forwarding to the homepage, and prospects had no immediate way to take action. There was also no way to accurately record where the clicks came from, and which elements of the campaign were the most/least successful.
  2. We updated the campaign to use different messages for different segments of the client’s market. Acknowledging the some of their leads would be persuaded by price, others by location, and others by amenities; we segmented the keywords into ad groups with messaging targeted for each segment of the market.
  3. We revised the campaign keywords based on historical data and lead generation results; and continue to make ongoing keyword updates on a regular basis.
  4. We installed mechanisms to track lead generation efforts based on where leads came from, which keywords, messages, and ad groups delivered the best/worst results, and monitor it regularly to influence ongoing changes.

The results of this campaign have been exceptional. With the new landing page and campaign edits in place, the number of qualified leads on a monthly basis averages 200-300% higher than in the previous campaign; and for the initial 5 months of management, the monthly budget remained the same.

More leads, at the same budget, leads to increased sales and higher rates of satisfied prospects that can now share the client’s services with their own networks of friends and family.

Example of a landing page for lead generation campaigns:

ppc landing page design