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Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc. Expertise in Motion

An industry-leading prosthetic care provider needed a marketing team who could share the inspired expertise and breakthroughs happening in their offices with individuals and influencers far beyond their doors.

91% increase

in avg. monthly website visits from organic search

150% increase

in new monthly users on website

344% increase

in active social media followers

The Story of Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics

Founded in 1996 by Matt Albuquerque, Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics serves amputees of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world in their Northeast U.S. clinics. They are dedicated to helping men, women, and children receive quality prosthetic care through a process they’ve defined as Expertise In Motion (e-motion) – never losing sight of the person they are caring for. By blending expertise and technology into a truly personal approach, Next Step stands out in the industry for their exceptional dedication to their patients and their craft.

The Challenge

When Next Step B&P engaged Grapevine Marketing in January 2012, their primary sources of new patient relationships were referrals and word of mouth. While they were achieving groundbreaking outcomes in their clinics, their website was underperforming. It was outdated and not well optimized for search, with little online presence beyond the site itself. Next Step wanted to rise above their quiet reputation as the ‘best kept secret’ in their field, and sought to raise their profile by finding ways to share their patients’ stories with the outside community to reach individuals across the U.S. and overseas who would benefit by working with their team.

Why Our Team

When Next Step initially selected Grapevine Marketing to represent them, we were a young company with a significantly smaller client portfolio than the other agencies they were considering. We quickly realized in our initial meetings that we had a shared philosophy and vision. That authentic connection coupled with Grapevine’s commitment to get into the weeds with them as a true business partner made us their preferred agency. Over the years, Next Step has valued our honest, holistic approach to inbound marketing and trusted us with the flexibility and autonomy to adapt their strategy over time as the industry, competitive landscape, and audience expectations have changed.

How Grapevine Responded

Our shared vision, commitment, and close working relationship have continually strengthened over more than a decade of working together. We work with Next Step as an integrated part of their business, tackling challenges and celebrating successes every step of the way.

The Results

Initially, our engagement focused on improving search engine performance for their website and building an online presence through social media and inbound traffic. Over the years, our efforts have expanded to include the development of a multi-channel lead funnel and engagement strategy supported by the Hubspot platform, persona-based content marketing and communications, collaboration with their media and public relations partners to support external publicity and awareness-building, production of video and visual content to deliver their in-office experiences to the outside world, and an explosion of growth and long-term engagement in social media communities.

Grapevine Marketing gives me a level of comfort to know that I have a team of experts telling our story to the world. Pretty important stuff.”

Matthew Albuquerque, President,
Next Step Bionics & Prosthetics, Inc.


91% increase in avg. monthly website visits from organic search

150% increase in new monthly users on website

63% of organic search visits to website driven by inbound content strategy

Grapevine Marketing worked with Next Step B&P to develop personas based on the unique interests and search intent of the individuals seeking information and resources related to their services.

By crafting content in the form of SEO-focused blog posts and website pages promoted via multi-channel efforts, we’ve built a strong and consistently-performing presence in organic search for targeted keywords related to their core services. This visibility in organic search has delivered measurable results in the form of website visits to key pages, downloads of related content, subscriptions to email communications and related updates, all while building an actively engaged social media following.


344% increase in active social media followers

100,000+ organic video views


We understand that active engagement is the key to developing a long-term relationship with individuals who may be considering multiple options for prosthetic service providers. To foster that engagement, we’ve worked with the provider team at each clinic location to highlight patient stories through blog, email, social media, and video channels. These stories, which sometimes include filmed interviews conducted by our team, represent distinct segments of Next Step’s potential patient pool and individuals who may be seeking a new service provider, informed by the personas we researched and developed for our strategic plan. Each story is intentionally crafted to highlight the overall prosthetist experience from the patients’ point of view while providing insight into the strengths of Next Step’s process and philosophy. By focusing on the patient’s experience first and foremost, we are able to inspire the limb difference community while illustrating real stories of Next Step positively impacting lives.


The success of our approach is clear. We’ve achieved more than 108,000 views of these videos and increased the engagement of the social media community by more than 340%, reaching tens of thousands of new, prospective patients who may be seeking information and resources. We’ve also continued to strengthen the organic performance of the Next Step brand by optimizing videos to deliver search traffic within the YouTube platform as well as in search results.

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