7 Ways to Bust Writers Block & Create Share-Worthy Content

7 Ways to Bust Writer's Block and Create Share-Worthy Content

You’ve heard the mantra: writing content is one of the most important things you can do to build a strong inbound marketing system to bring in new leads and customers.

You get it. But here you sit, hands poised on the keyboard, and the ideas just aren’t flowing. You’ve got a to-do list piling up beside you, the phone keeps wringing, and you’ve checked email at least 3 times since you started writing. You’re officially stuck and ready to give up.

But before you throw in the towel, read through the examples of share-worthy content below. You could probably whip out one or two blogs on any of these topics in a matter of minutes; and then you can go deal with that nagging to-do list, email inbox, or buzzing phone.

Time-Saving Hack for Writing Blog Content – Curation!

Time Saving Hack for Creating Blog & Email Content

We’ve been curating our own content for years, without even realizing it, and you have probably been doing the same! Here three ways to make curated content work for you!

4 Ways To Gain Inbound Links With Your Blog  

Inbound Marketing Links BlogThere are various links that are advantageous for your blog and website. Internal links are links between pages and content within your website, while outbound links are links to other websites from within your site. The links that are most helpful, though, in terms of driving new visitors to your site and improving your rankings with search engines, are inbound links. Inbound links are links to your website from other websites; when people click on these, you receive referral traffic to your website.

The most valuable and the most difficult link to receive is an inbound link. Furthermore, all inbound links are not treated equally. Therefore, focusing efforts on generating high-quality inbound links from authoritative sources is the best use of your time. The quality and quantity of traffic you generate from inbound links will vary based on the popularity and credibility of the website(s) linking to you. Inbound links bring visitors and potential customers to your website for free, and this In turn helps search engines determine the value of your site, which then leads them to push you higher up in organic search rankings. This is the beauty of Inbound Marketing. The number of visitors to your website improves your search engine rankings, which then puts you in front of more visitors, which in turn continues to improve your rankings and visibility.

Here are a few simple ways to get started:

Blogging: Am I Getting A Return On My Time Investment?  

Blogging Time InvestmentWant to know if blogging is worth your time? If you’re doing it ‘right’? If it’s having any impact on your business? There are some key insights you can gain, for free, that will help you answer these questions and help you to develop fresh new content that will generate results for your business.

Now, how do you get this so-called “free advice”?

7 Blogs to Build Credibility and Readership

Blog Credibility and ReadershipIt’s important to reminder yourself when you hit a road block that you have access to so much information which your target audience does not.

Using an example of a Travel Agency; you have information your readers don’t; you know the key areas to avoid when vacationing in Bahamas, the bars with the best margaritas in Mexico, and how to get tickets to sold-out shows in New York City. You don’t have to give away all of your trade secrets, however sharing valuable information with your target audience makes you a credible source. Your target audience is looking for answers to their questions and it might as well be you that provides those answers. Yes, they may not be ready to work with you when they’re searching, however if you keep delivering highly relevant content, they will continue following you and sharing your information with their friends and family.

Ideally, your readers will realize that you have more value to offer if they hire you. So here are some tried and true ways to building credibility and gaining engagement on your blogs, using the travel agency as the example.