5 Super Easy Steps to Content Development

Writing CopyWe know you’re already thinking “I don’t have time / energy / enough ideas / staff / etc, etc, etc. to create enough content on a regular basis in order to improve our company’s search engine rankings, awareness, and lead generation.”

The truth is, WE don’t have enough time, energy, or staff to do this either. So we decided to share some of the simple & effective tactics that we incorporate into our own routines to help you create the content that will turn you into an online marketing rockstar.

Ready? Here’s the list:

    1. Buy a decent camera with video capabilities and keep it handy.
      1. Don’t get caught up in the quality of the equipment. A smartphone can often be your best friend because it includes photo and video capabilities, and is usually in your pocket when you need it.
      2. The reason for keeping this handy at all times is that it will help you take advantage of the opportunities that probably occur daily, or at least weekly, for you to capture and use in your marketing strategy. Start by capturing all of those ‘on the job’ moments that viewers would be interested in seeing; and then you’ll have plenty of visual content to work from when mapping out your strategy.
    2. Schedule a few Camera-Ready days into every month. 
      1. Moment of truth: there are many times when I have an idea for a great video, and I don’t shoot it because my hair/makeup/clothing isn’t exactly production-worthy that day.
      2. By scheduling a few days per month where you will be ready to take on the world on camera, you’ll be able to film all of that content at once, and use it in pieces in the future when you need it. And no one will know that your hair wasn’t perfect on any of those other days!
    3. Subscribe to email newsletters and blogs that you will actually read regularly. 
      1. The best ideas often come from triggers that we read, see, or listen to. By subscribing to these blogs and publications, or even a few YouTube channels of related content, you will be surprised how often a small trigger can lead you to a great idea.
    4. Make content development & marketing everyone’s job. 
      1. Splitting up a tedious project makes it easier – that’s not rocket science. And by including your other team members into the content marketing process, you’ll deliver a wide variety of new and creative topics to the mix.
    5. Hire an Inbound Marketing company to start you off on the right path. 
      1. Of course, WE would be more than happy to help you get started; but no matter which Inbound Marketing agency you choose, it’s a great way to set your company up with a professional, well-branded, and strategic plan from the very beginning. Often, the hardest part of tackling a new project is taking the first step; and by bringing on a professional team to help you launch your program, you will ensure that your program gets off the ground vs. pushed to the end of your to-do list.

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