10 Ways To Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email listWhether you just started using email marketing as a way to generate leads or improve your engagement with your audience, or you’ve had an active account for years, it’s important to always look at new opportunities to reach more of the right prospects.  Adding consistent new leads while delighting your current customer base is vital to closing business, upselling, and keeping your buyers engaged.

Before you start using the following ten tactics’ to grow your email list, spend some time thinking about how receiving your email can benefit your ideal customer. If you already have a successful email campaign, take the time ask your clients what they enjoy most. If you don’t have a current email campaign in place, you can survey clients to find out what information is most valuable to them.

    1. After a great phone conversation with a prospect, ask them if they would like to join your email list.  social-icons-15Click To Tweet 
    2. Tweet out a reason why someone should join your list and include a link to sign up. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
    3. Create a simple sign-up sheet or have a beautiful bounded book by the register to capture email addresses. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
    4. Train your staff to ask for the customer’s contact information while on the phone and request permission to join your list. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
    5. Use online or paper surveys to collect emails after an event. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
    6. If you use Constant Contact for email marketing, you can grow your list by adding a Join My Mailing List signup form to your Facebook Page and start turning fans into customers. Any email addresses you collect through the Constant Contact app will be imported right into the mailing list you choose. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
    7. Add a QR code to your menu or business card to request email subscriptions from customers. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
    8. Have an in-store raffle and collect email addresses. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
    9. Offer exceptional content like a whitepaper or checklist, and require joining your email list to access the offer. social-icons-15Click To Tweet
    10. Run A Local Deal or Coupon to generate new email subscriptions. social-icons-15Click To Tweet

Once you have their email, say thank you! Send them a thank-you email (this can be setup for automatic delivery in your email marketing program) and be sure they have an option to unsubscribe. Be sure to send them regular emails and offer exclusive deals. Encourage your email base to follow you on social media and forward email to their contacts.

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