What You Need To Know About Live Event Tweeting

Have you recently gone to an event, workshop, seminar or conference? It’s more and more common that there is an event hashtag.

When taking part in a live tweeting event at a live event or during a webinar) while using the event hashtag, you are building your community of followers by gaining exposure for both your brand and your company’s brand. It’s also a great way to network online before, during, and after the event with your peers and speakers.

Now, let’s get started, here are some tips for before the event, during the event and after:

Before The Event

  • Find out the #hashtag of the event (often this is published in event registration materials).
  • Learn about the companies and speakers before the event by following them on social media (if they are using the #hashtag, you will see a good list of who is attending the event and who is actively participating).
  • Prepare questions for the speakers in advance.
  • Charge up your phone, tablet or computer before the event!
  • Before the event, tweet to your followers, giving them a heads-up on where you are and what you will be tweeting about. Providing context will encourage people to follow along with you or at the very least understand what you are doing!

During The Event

  • Tweet the speaker’s quotes or insights and give them credit by tagging them with their twitter handle using the @sign (often they will include their @name in their presentation materials).
  • Go beyond using just text in your tweets, include photos and videos to draw more attention.
  • Be sure that you’re still actively listening to the speaker as you’re tweeting to your followers; it’s easy to get caught up in the online conversation and lose sight of the great presentations happening live in front of you!

After The Event

  • Continue tweeting the speaker’s quotes or insights, add your own thoughts, and join in the conversation with other attendees. To get started, you can repost others’ updates by using the Retweet function or including RT before their @name.
  • Be sure to respond to all mentions including your @name.
  • Recap notes from the event for future reference – refer to tweets for details.
  • If you didn’t have an opportunity to ask a question to the speaker during the event, try asking now via twitter, and be sure to follow them!