Marketing Strategy: How To Become a Part of Your Customers Daily Lives

Volkswagen Gets It. Dunkin Donuts Gets It. Vegas Gets It.

Do You Get It?

The brains behind these fantastic marketing machines understand how to tap into what their customers are already doing and use it to their advantage. They combine inside jokes (between millions), a feeling of “yeah, I’ve been there, done that”, and a desire to be included with an amusing spin that is both memorable and worthy of sharing.

Example 1: VW’s PunchDub campaign. How many times did you get out of the car with bruised arms as a kid from a vicious game of “punchbuggy”? Volkswagen had the vision to realize that their target audience could relate to this game, and capitalized on it with a brilliant ad campaign combining the reminiscent and amusing theme. Volkswagen PunchDub Spot

Example 2: Dunkin Donuts “American Runs on Dunkin” campaign. We’ve all experienced the mental argument with ourselves over “do I get there on time, or do I stop for the coffee and show up a few minutes late?” I won’t tell you how many times the coffee won those arguments with me. Dunkin Donuts understood their customers and launched a brilliant marketing campaign around them. And with over 1.2 million Facebook fans, they’ve proven that their core customers want to be a part of the campaign.  America Runs on Dunkin Ad

Example 3: ‘What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas’ campaign. This is perhaps the best example of a brand that truly understands what their core customer relates to. Even if you do only travel to Vegas for the shows or an industry convention, this still taps into the underlying feeling of excitement and energy that surrounds the trip. The feeling of doing something unlike yourself and then returning to your daily life. The feeling is so common, that it has transcended the campaign and become part of everyday conversations. What Happens in Vegas Ad

So how does a business without the multi-million dollar advertising budgets of these companies tap into the same customer instincts?

For every company the answer will be different, but the method is always the same. It’s about figuring out what your customers do, what they have in common, how they use your product or service, and what their opinion is of your company and/or industry. If you’re a local restaurant or retailer, you can use local slang in your campaigns, participate in a community event (don’t just sponsor it, actively participate), and treat the popular locals well. If you’re a plumber or contractor, try making fun of yourself. There are a few ideas that most people hold about these industries, so instead of avoiding or fighting these ideas, try a campaign where you meet them head-on and use them to your advantage.

You’ll stand out from the crowd, get a few laughs, and most of all attract attention. What more could you ask for?

– Melissa Albano