North Bennet ST. School
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The 'Best-Kept Secret' in Trade Education Needed to Build Awareness Online

North Bennet Street School, founded in 1881, is the Premier Craft, Trade, and Artisan School providing hands-on training in traditional trades and fine craftsmanship. They offer a range of full-time and continuing education programs in trades ranging from the traditional (locksmithing, preservation carpentry) to the unique (violin making, piano building).
Students hail from all ages, backgrounds, and geographic areas.
When we initially engaged with North Bennet Street School, we were asked to help expand their reach and engagement through online channels to build awareness with the next generation of prospective students. At the time, their website was static and not well-optimized for performance in search, communication with prospective students was managed manually and systems were not in place to lead students from one step to the next. The contacts database was managed manually and was not integrated with the website or digital marketing platforms.
Beyond these technical elements, we were also engaged to develop and implement a strategy for growing the social media communities and increasing engagement and traffic to the website.