The #1 Reason Your Sales Calls Don’t Work. And How to Fix It.

Sales Calls Don't Work imageI answered a typical sales call today that was so bad it got me thinking: ‘is this the reason so many businesses fail, and salespeople just stop trying? And ‘how can I make sure that my own sales conversations never fall into this trap?’

The call sounded something like this:

Salesperson: “Hello I’m calling about the survey you completed online”.

Me: “I don’t know what you’re talking about; I didn’t fill out a survey”.

Him: “Well that’s good to hear. I represent blah blah blah and we can help you find a new job”.

Me: “I’m not looking for a job, I own my own business”.

Him: “Well even if you’re not looking for a job right now, we’ll send you listings so you can find one”.

Me: “I don’t want a job; please take me off your list”.

Him: Silence. Click.

I’m not saying that all sales calls don’t work. In many cases, with warm leads, a minimum level of interest on the part of the prospect, and a salesperson that understands how to build rapport and develop a conversation, sales calls can be incredibly effective.

The one in this post, however, is an example of basically everything that could be done wrong. It was a straight-up cold call, there was no interest on my side, and I wasn’t targeted for any particular reason. Not only had I not completed any survey (he’s lying); I had no interest in finding a job ( I wasn’t targeted effectively); and my argument wasn’t responded to (he didn’t listen to a word I said; he just continued his own ineffective script).

On the bright side, there ARE effective ways to do this right. You CAN get targeted prospects on the phone who have already been ‘warmed up’ online, and who have an interest in your products or services. You CAN gather enough information about them, before dialing the phone, to give you background on their needs, goals, or aspirations; and you can use this information to develop the rapport that will help you close more business, and attract better clients, during those conversations.

The key is to learn how to funnel those prospects into the initial stages of your sales cycle before they ever reach you. It’s not rocket science, but it does require a level of strategic planning for every aspect of your online presence (website, landing pages, forms, incentives, social media, public relations, etc.).

Want to learn how to do it?

Want to be sure your sales calls NEVER go in the direction of the one above?

Want to pick up the phone already knowing key information about the prospect on the other end that will help you close more business?

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