Site Match

Are you ready to get started with Email Marketing on your new Constant Contact™ account, but don’t have the resources to customize your email template to match your brand identity, with the logos, fonts, and colors that will showcase your professional image?

No need to worry, we’ve got your back.

For Email Marketing clients that sign up for Constant Contact™ accounts through our partner program, or for those who allow us to manage their accounts, Grapevine Marketing offers a customized Website Match service to get you started.

“What’s a Website Match”, You Ask?

A website match is basically everything you need, minus your content (articles, blog post links, newsletter updates, etc.), to get started with a branded, semi-custom designed, email marketing campaign.

We’ll work with you to find a layout that meets your needs, and customize it with your brand/company colors, logo, and fonts (where applicable), to match your website and marketing materials.

Normally, this service starts at $200; but we’re so excited to have you see for yourself how effective email marketing can be, especially when paired with social media and other online marketing efforts, that we’re offering this service for FREE if you sign up for an email marketing program through our affiliate account by the date listed on your Seminar Attendee follow-up email (must be a NEW paid, not trial account).

Have questions or need more information? Please contact us for details.