3 Tricks to Writing Headlines that Attract People and Search Engines

Newspaper Stack Breaking NewsNewspapers and magazines have been focused on the art of writing headlines for hundreds of years. Bloggers and marketers can use similar tactics to write captivating headlines that make them want them to read more. Learn three tricks to get your readers to take action:

  1. Use numbers: Tell readers exactly what they’re going to get. Studies show that digits work better than words so use the number 10 instead of writing the word out. Writing a list article is a common way to incorporate numbers. List articles can require research and time but can be excellent drivers of traffic. Lists in blog or email titles draw readers’ attention and tend to be shared over and over on social media.

  1. Use popular search queries: How often do you search for: “How-To”, “What-Is”, or ‘How Do I’ in Google or other search networks? Aside from catching your readers’ attention, including “how to” or “what is” in your title will also attract the search engines. By closely matching the search queries, your post is more likely to rise to the top of search rankings, and therefore generate more clicks to your website.
  1. Use adjectives: Have fun with your titles. The stronger and more thought provoking your adjectives are, the better you get people to take action. Try using words like simple, valuable, killer, kick-ass, brilliant or beautiful. Try out a few different adjectives and check the analytic of your most popular pages to see what resonates best with your readers, then incorporate those words into social media posts and email subject lines as well.

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